Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the deal with the pumpkins?

Gather round, all. It’s story time. Way back in the days of AIM, everyone was coming up with their cool-clever-funny screen names, and pre-teen Kayla was no exception. I agonized over the decision. Eventually, I figured out I wasn’t cool or clever or funny enough for a good screen name, so I went with simple accuracy instead. I was a pumpkin (aka fat) on wheels (aka disabled). It was meant as a sneakily derogatory moniker, but after years of people saying it was super cute and even more years of dealing with my body-hatred issues and internalized fatphobia/ableism, “pumpkin on wheels” became something else. It’s now a reminder: of the shifting nature of identity, of the ways society warps our reflections back to us, of where I was and where I am. Also, pumpkins are adorable, so.


Will you read my manuscript with disabled and/or queer characters?

Maybe! This depends on how busy my schedule is at any given time and, to be perfectly honest, on whether it seems like you’ve done your due diligence before sending it to me. Feel free to check my availability. You can email me at the address on the contact page.


Will you talk to me (a writer eager to get representation right) about your disability and/or bisexuality?

Absolutely! With the obvious caveats that I am only one person who identifies this way, that everyone’s experiences are different, that you should talk to other people, etc. (This applies to the above answer as well, by the way.) Again, feel free to email me.


Will you come speak at my school/library/convention/other event?

Again, maybe! Please send me the details whether it’s lecturing, leading a workshop, sitting on a panel, or whatever else you can throw at me.


What are you working on right now/next?

I’ve currently working on my next novel, which will be a queer YA romance starring a wheelchair user. I’m also working on a number of essays and short stories, because apparently I like to stay busy.


Wait, next novel? Where’s the last novel?

EXCELLENT QUESTION. My agent and I are currently seeking a home for my middle grade contemporary exploring sisterhood, summertime, and the South. I promise I’ll keep you updated as soon as there’s updating to be done. 😉